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  • Hotel , Restaurant ,Bar and Cafe design
  • With modern technology and a different vision
Peyman Kiani Architects is professional architecture group in hosting
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From our point of view, hotels must have a comfortable and intimate environment. Even in five star luxury hotels, passengers must feel they are in their luxury room.


In our team, restaurants are designed with a different perspective. Early consultation with the employer and regional and climate studies in the design of the restaurant are very influential.


The concept of providing services in the bars is very different. The bar design is based on its brand or new ideas.


A cafe for snacks or drinks and full relaxation requires design with a concept that will give you peace of mind.

Our Packages
Our design packages are completely comprehensive, which makes it easy for you to design in a hotel or restaurant, bar or cafe. From idea and concept to architectural design, interior design, graphic design, clothing design, logo design and even advertising advisory.
Idea & concept
Architectural design
Interior design
Graphic design
Clothing design
Advertising advisory
Why do you trust Peyman Kiani Architects ?
Our customers know that projects are very important to us and they are like our kids. Therefore, we will do our best to provide you with the best service and the highest quality in designing and presenting something beyond your expectations.

Primary Counseling

Before drawing even one line, initial consultation meetings are held with the employer and representatives, which will record all project needs and requests from the employer and be applied in the design process.


We use the creative, intelligent and young team to achieve a strong concept.


The needs of the project, the employer's request and the main concept give us all in one basic idea. Formation step, use of texture, color, volume, material and ... is done in this section.


Drawing two-dimensional maps, modeling in a 3D environment, materializing and rendering is done at this stage.

Presentation of Design Process

The complete process of conception, ideas, initial draws, material type, coloring, volumetry, formulation, etc. in the presentation session is fully will explaine to the employer and the delegates.

VR Rendering

Eventually, the presentation session will end with 360 degrees rendering in virtual reality glasses (that you feel stand in middle of designed space).

  • Our popular slogan
    Thought is more expensive than money
From our point of view, the value of thought is much more expensive than money or precious objects,
the most expensive metal in the world (the gold) or the world's most expensive rock (diamond)
‏The peyman kiani architects team is include of talent and intelligence architects. we try to designs by latest technology and artistic mind. in our view clients should receive a design much more than they expecting.

Nature's friend is our goal. We try to use recycled materials and recyclable.

Waste materials are our favorite materials (as old woods, old metal and ...).

The use of water soluble paints and the non-use of polymer and plastics is on the agenda of each day of the group

Architectural group "Peyman Kiani Architects" is a specialized design team in the field of architecture and interior design of the "hotel" “restaurant”, "bar", "Cafe" and ... which in its profile about 14000 square meters of restaurants and cafe and 400 thousand square meters of hotel Has given a place here. Our projects are in most of Iran's major cities, especially in District 1 of Tehran and countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Oman.
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Steak House
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Future Projects
In future projects, you will see different and specific concepts. Which some of are bieng designed and some are running.You can see some of them below.
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If you plan to have a unique hotel or restaurant , be sure to contact us, we will try our best to get you the best.

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